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Maximize profits, increase deal flow, and earn favorable returns.

We find the opportunities - investors join in on the deals.

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Real estate investing is a powerful and historically reliable way to earn cashflow, build equity, and hedge against inflation. But finding, analyzing, and acquiring deals is time consuming. Renovating and overseeing properties requires significant funding, manpower, and expertise. While every American investor deserves to enjoy the perks of real estate, the associated challenges can be intimidating. The complexities and steep learning curve often deter many from unlocking real estate's potential benefits.

This is where Real Property Group steps in: We present a seamless, Done-For-You real estate investing experience. Dive deeper into this page to discover more or schedule a call to learn more about our investment strategies



Real Property Group is a dynamic collaboration of seasoned investors, skilled builders, and proficient brokers united by a shared passion for discovering and capitalizing on lucrative real estate opportunities.

We aim to be a trusted ally. At Real Property Group, we're not just building properties; we're sculpting a legacy of trust and excellence in the vast expanse of real estate investing.



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With over 25 years of experience as a real estate investor, broker, and lender, Kevin Earnest has consistently delivered robust financial gains to his partners. He is deeply devoted to identifying and nurturing real estate entrepreneurs, empowering them to scale their businesses, create employment opportunities, and foster housing developments.


Embodying a strong commitment to personal growth and wealth generation, Kevin embodies the values of self-investment and building prosperous futures for families. As the driving force behind our endeavors, his passion lies in leaving a lasting impact by leading a life of significance, leaving behind legacies, and empowering others to attain financial success. 

Kevin Earnest, President


Investment Strategies


Invest in the Entegra Fund

A private investment fund that specializes in the construction of residential real estate opportunities, primarily in Florida.

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Invest in the Smoky Mountain Fund

A private investment fund that specializes in the new construction of residential real estate opportunities, primarily in Tennessee and South Carolina

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Partner with Real Property Group

Invest with us to build an individual house in Florida, Tennessee, or South Carolina, and earn the profit!

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